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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Engineering and Design Major in Engineering and Design

Shin Azumi

Industrial Design
Research and development of design to improve the quality of social environment based on the ethnographic observation and analysis of human life and culture.

Masami Iwatsuki

Smart machine design
Research into the design of smart machines with new functions

Hisato Kobayashi

Robotics & Mechatronics, Intelligent Systems
Developments of health monitoring systems and intelligent devices for assistive livings

Kozo Sato

Industrial design
Research into the creative design skills that produce new qualities for society and the relationships between people and things in design

Norio Takeuchi

Computational engineering
Research on new techniques for designing things and social infrastructure systems that are safe and friendly to humans and the environment

Yutaka Tanaka

Mechatronics, robotics
Research into interfaces and actuators to connect people, things, and computers and make it possible to design next-generation, highly functional, people- and environmentally-friendly mechatronics systems

Masahito Tsuchiya

Interface design
Research on next generation human interfaces aimed at realization of sophisticated sensibility values

Yasuyuki Nishioka

Knowledge engineering, information engineering, industrial engineering
IT utilization by manufacturing industries; research of advanced plan scheduling (APS), which integrates production planning, product designing and scheduling

Koji Nonobe

Operations research, Combinatorial optimization
Development of optimization methods and their applications to practical problems

Yoshiro Fukuda

Production systems engineering, production systems simulations
Research into demand-synchronized manufacturing systems

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