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Graduate School of Engineering and Design (Ichigaya Campus)

The Graduate School of Engineering and Design resulted from the reorganization of the former Graduate School of Engineering and Design and the graduate program in civil engineering and architecture within the Graduate School of Engineering. The Graduate School of Engineering and Design strives to produce individuals who will contribute to research and ideas related to overall design, with the main purposes of preserving the global environment, creating a sustainable society, and creating new cultural value. Three majors we have designed to do that are architecture, civil and environmental engineering, and engineering and design, which together integrate basic common knowledge in such fields as natural science, cognitive science, human engineering, and aesthetics, with cutting-edge engineering technologies. This graduate school aims to teach knowledge and skills in seven areas: (1) planning and proposal skills, (2) design skills, (3) problem-solving skills, (4) professional ethics, (5) understanding of history and culture, (6) understanding of the global environment, and (7) skills of expression and communication. Programs with each major achieve the specific goals through a practical and innovative curriculum. Thus, we are confident that graduates of this school will become valuable human resources equipped with comprehensive design skills capable of meeting the difficult challenges of today’s diversified and complex society.

Major in Architecture

(Master’s Program , Doctoral Program)

Major in Civil and Environmental Engineering

(Master’s Program , Doctoral Program)

Major in Engineering and Design

(Master’s Program , Doctoral Program)

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