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Major in Career Studies

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Career Studies Major in Career Studies

Mitsuko Uenishi

Young people’s employment problems, career education, vocational skills development
The process of shifting from school to a profession and initial career building, as well as forms of related support

Koichiro Komikawa

Pedagogy, adolescent education theory
Young people’s formation of identity, career education

Koichi Sasagawa

Science of lifelong learning, career development and local activities by university students
Historical significance and issues in the era of career design, research into career design and individual characteristics and autobiography

Atsushi Sato

Industrial sociology, human resource management theory
White-collar job and personnel management and career formation

Ryoichi Takano

Educational administration studies, school management theory
Comparisons of organizational design in school innovation in Japan and the United States

Emiko Takeishi

Human resource management theory, female labor theory
Diversification in work modes and human resource management, female career formation

Mariko Miyagi

Clinical psychology, career counseling, lifelong developmental psychology, industrial psychology
Career development support and career counseling

Shigemi Yahata

Vocational skills development, human resource management, management engineering
Vocational education and training programs and policy assessment, human resource development at Japanese companies, new venture development and human resources

Osamu Umezaki

Associate professor
Labor economics, human resource organization economics, pedagogic economics
Personnel system design and measurement of efficacy, measurement of educational efficacy, labor-management relations theory

Takuma Kimura

Associate professor
Management strategy theory, organizational behavior theory
Corporate in-house personnel development, organizational revitalization, informal leadership

Yoshitaka Saito

Associate professor
Family sociology, social research methods
Parent-child relationships among multiple generations (including children, parents, and grandparents) and their development, as well as related policy systems

Kei Sato

Associate professor
Regional sociology, welfare sociology, criminal sociology, social surveys
Volunteer work, NPOs, aid for people with disabilities, crime victim support systems, exclusion and labeling

Minoru Tazawa

Associate Professor
Educational psychology, lifelong developmental psychology
Measurement of career training’s effectiveness, comprehensive support for young people

Kennosuke Tanaka

Associate professor
Urban and regional sociology, community theory, social research methods
Contemporary social theory and qualitative research related to communities and careers

Miki Tsutsui

Associate professor
Pedagogical sociology, labor sociology
U.S. and Japanese local government and NPO labor force development policies, high school and university worker education and vocational training

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