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Major in Social Governance

Master's Course

Subject Credit
Political Theory 2
Public Administration 2
Comparative Study of Public Administration 2
Introduction to Public Philosophy 2
Political Systems 2
Basic Theories of Public Policy Research 2
Analysis of Contemporary Politics 2
Public Policy and Journalism 2
Social Theory of Public Policy 2
Introduction to Public Finance 2
Introduction to Economics 2
Public Economics 2
Environmental Philosophy 2
Environmental Law 2
Introduction to Global Environmental Science 2
Introduction to International Politics 2
International Development and Cooperation 2
Introduction to Sustainability Research A /B 2 each
Legal Study of Policy 2
Studies on Legislative Process 2
Evaluation in Public Administration 2
Social Research Method 1~8 2 each
Policy Analysis and Evaluation 2
Theory and Practice of Citizen Participation 2
Advanced Marketing 2
Introduction to Mathematical & Computational Modelling 2
Consultation for Community Design 2
Trainings for Workshop Design 2
Reporting in English 4
Introduction to the Policy Studies (Foreign Language) 2
Advanced Skill of Writing Master Thesis 1 /2 2 each
Policy Studies 2
Local Government 2
Study of Local Government 2
Studies on Local Assembly 2
Study of Civil Service System 2
Summary of Public Works 2
Case Studies of Public Works 2
Summary of Urban Policy 2
Case Studies of Urban Policy 2
Policy and Politics in Aging Society 2
Study of Policy Process 2
Local Welfare Policy 2
Case Studies (Administrative Law) 2
Study on Legal Institutions of Local Community 2
Political History of Japan 2
Local Government 2
Study on Management of Local Government 2
Comparative Study of Civil Service 2
Comparative Study of Local Governance 2
Policy and Management for Crisis 2
Labor and Employment Policy 2
Case Study Approach to Policy Process 2
Human Resources in Local Government 2
Welfare Society and Human Rights 2
Policy Developments and Practice 2
Policy Process in Japan 2
Studies on Governance 2
Regionalism and NGO 2
Study on Enterprise 2
Study on Money and Banking 2
Civil Society Governance 2
Civil Society Governance and Politics 2
Studies on Non-Profit Organization 2
No-profit Organization 2
Theory of Civil Society 2
Study on Local Community as an Institution in the Civil Society 2
Study on Civil Governance 2
Study on Community Design 2
Study on Cultural Policy 2
Studies on Think Tank 2
Study on Institutions Mediate Environment and Development 2
Local Government's Environmental Policy 2
Case Studies (Environment and Coexistence) 2
Study on Wastes Policy 2
Case Studies (Environmental Problems) 2
Public Space Formation 2
Gender Politics 2
Study on Public Philosophy 2
Experience Economy and Entrepreneurship 2
Environmental Sociology 2
Environmental Business Management 2
EMS for Small and Medium Enterprises 2
Public Law on Environment 2
Private Law on Environment 2
Practical Environmental Management 2
Practical Eco-Management Audit 2
Environmental Accounting 2
Overview of Sustainable Management 2
Sustainable Management - Cases and Materials 2
Legal Administration of Environment 2
Cultural Studies on Regional Environment 2
Studies on Sustainable Use and Conservation of Nature 2
Historical Studies on Regional Environment 2
Case Studies on Regional Environment 2
Atmosphere and Human Environment 2
Introduction to Environmental Engineering 2
Environmental Resources & Energy Policy 2
Science and Technology for Disaster Resilience 2
Environmental Economics 2
Public Policy for Sustainable Region 2
Studies on Public Health Management 2
Corporate Social Respnsibility 2
Studies on Regional Planning 2
Investor Relations 2
The Environment and Intellectual Property Rights 2
Sustainability Communication 2
Development Economics: Historical Overview 2
Development Economics: Recent Studies 2
International Environmental Law 2
International Environmental Cooperation 2
Case Studies on Social Development 2
Field Studies on International Cooperation 2
International NGOs 2
Anthropology 2
International Development Policy 2
Social Entrepreneurship 2
Global Environmental Politics 2
International Organization 2
Theory of International Politics 2
Studies on Diplomatic Policies 2
Sociology of International Environmental Policy 2
Study on Global Environment 2
Seminar on Master Thesis 1A /B 2 each
Seminar on Master Thesis 2A/ B 2 each

Doctoral Course

Advanced Study on Public Philosophy A /B
Advanced Study on Policy A /B
Advanced Study Public Policy A /B
Advanced Study on Local Community A /B
Advanced Study on Environmental Sociology A /B
Advanced Study on Institutions Mediate Environment and Development A /B
Advanced Study on Public Finance A /B
Advanced Study on Local Government A /B
Advanced Study on Enterprise A /B
Advanced Study on Contemporary Politics A /B
Advanced Study on Money and Banking A /B
Advanced Study on International Environmental Policy A /B
Advanced Study on Public Administration A /B
Advanced Study on Comparative Public Administration A /B
Advanced Study on Environmental Management A /B

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