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Public Management Course

Research into Various Issues Related to the Activities of Public Organizations and Government

Course Overview

This research field covers political science and public administration. Research related to government addresses various issues pertaining not only to central and regional governments, but also organizations that are central to public policy, including incorporated administrative agencies, semi-governmental corporations, public service corporations, nonprofit organizations, and private corporations that engage in activities for public interest and provide public services. Topics cover every phase from creating to implementing, evaluating, and improving public policies.

The course is open to all working adults who want to learn about and conduct research into public policy. Based on the graduate schools’ pre-merger records, we envision that most students will be national and local government civil servants or members of local government assemblies and their secretaries, among others. The course also broadly applies to university and think tank researchers, people who want to become researchers, and citizens active in NPOs or NGOs.

In this course students acquire basic expertise related to the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies. They learn what kinds of public policies are required when carrying out governmental and public interest activities, and how and in what sorts of political environments such public policies are formulated and implemented. The goal is not merely the acquisition of expertise, but also the capabilities to apply it, learning about the real work of policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

Subject Categories

Policy subjects

Policy studies research, policy process research, etc.

Systems-related subjects

Research into the organizations of public officials, local government systems research, etc.

Local government subjects

Local government theory, research into local governments, local government council theory, etc.

Individual policy subjects

Introduction to public works projects, introduction to urban policy, politics and policies in aging societies, local government welfare policy theory, disaster preparedness and risk management research, employment and labor policy research, etc.

Comparative research subjects

Comparative public service systems research, comparative local government administration research

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