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Graduate School of Social Governance
Major in Social Governance

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Social Governance Major in Social Governance

Kazuhisa Sugisaki

Urban planning, town building, citizens’ participation
Regional town building, town building support system, process designing oriented to formation of social consensus, contemporary history of town building

Yoshihiko Nawata

Public philosophy, community theory
Community policies, intra-city decentralization systems in Japan and Germany, history of civil society concept, community business and community cafés, etc.

Katsuya Hirose

Public administration, public policy
Political and administrative relations in local governments

Hiromi Muto

Public administration, regional government, policy research
Contemporary society and government, management of public services, decentralized society and self-government by citizens, tender reform

Yongcheol Shin

Visiting Professor
Public administration, policy research, comparative local government administration research, public space formation theory
International comparison of governance formation and transformation of administrative culture

Kanji Ikeda

Environmental sociology, risk society theory, Southeast Asian regional research (particularly Indonesia)
International comparison of policies to address climate change, energy policies and forest/forestry policies

Hiroshi Kumon

Enterprise theory, multinational corporation theory
Overseas deployment of Japanese businesses

Hiroshi Shiratori

Modern and contemporary political analysis (citizens, elections, political parties, nations), political theory
1. Contemporary Japanese politics; 2. Globalism and the transformation of nation states; 3. Studies on local politics; 4. Theories regarding political parties; 5. Democracy in contemporary politics

Hiroshi Sekiguchi

Public finance, local government finance theory, taxation theory
Guidance of research on public finance (research on taxation, public finance systems, educational and welfare policies in a decentralization age)

Hiroo Taguchi

Economic policy, finance and international finance
1. Interactions between financial policy and public opinion when the national currency is appreciating; 2. Policy to vitalize mountainous areas in Switzerland

Naoya Nakasuji

Regional sociology, urban sociology
Local community structure, modern urban spaces and gathering behavior, emotion and the logic of community

Toshiharu Hasebe

National, urban, and regional policies; administrative law
Sustainable urban systems, land systems and water supply systems

Masahide Majima

Public administration, public policy, regional government theory
Research on autonomous local administration and policies, decentralization reform and intergovernmental relations, neighborhood self-government

Takashi Ishigami

Regional planning, project evaluation, community development
Sustainable city building

Tetsuya Kitagawa

Energy theory, environmental fluid dynamics
Environmental fluids, weather derivatives

Morio Kuninori

Environmental economics
Role of economic means in environmental policy

Satoshi Kojima

Public administration, regional government theory, local government environmental policies, civil society and community development
Sustainability of local community and local government policy, citizens’participation

Hideo Nagano

Comparative U.S.–Japanese law (particularly environmental, labor, and advanced science and technology laws)
Environmental audits and law, workers’ character, intelligence and law

Makoto Nishikido

Social movement theory, environmental sociology, regional sociology, comparative historical sociology
Renewable energies and spontaneous local development

Makoto Watanabe

Nonlinear dynamics, condensed matter physics theory
Dynamics, chaos and fractal of traffic flows

Naoya Hasegawa

Corporate social responsibility, management philosophy, positive environmental finance analysis
1. Creation of social values and economic values: collaboration between businesses and NPOs; 2. Impacts of nonfinancial information on corporate values

Masanao Kaneto

Associate professor
Environmental management and accounting, regional community management and accounting
Structure of management and accounting systems to support corporations

Nobuhiko Sugito

Natural geography, natural disasters, active faults
Geomorphic development, ancient earthquakes, historical earthquakes, geomorphic environment, long-term assessment of earthquakes, tsunami

Akiko Okamatsu

International law, international environmental law, international atomic law
Marine environment, international atomic energy laws

Masayuki Takada

Environmental policy, conservation ecology, landscape ecology, environmental geography
Conservation of biodiversity

Naruhiko Takesada

Development studies, international cooperation, environment and development
Residents’ transfer and resettlement in connection with development projects (especially dam constructions), development and justice

Ryo Fujikura

Environmental systems, international environmental cooperation, environmental policy
International cooperation in environmental conservation, environmental system science

Hirokazu Yasuoka

Associate Professor
Ecological anthropology, Central African regional research
Utilization of forest resources of tropical rainforests in Africa

Hidemi Yoshida

Visiting Associate Professor
Microfinance, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship to reduce poverty in developing nations
Reduction of poverty through business activities

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