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Environmental Management Course

National, Regional, and Corporate Environmental Management Studies

Course Overview

Research topics are broadly divided into corporate environmental management and national/regional government environmental management. The main research topics for the former are environmental management, eco businesses, ISO 14001 and other environmental management systems, and CSR. For the latter case, include the environmental policies of national and regional public organizations as seen from a management perspective, local environmental efforts undertaken by NPOs and community residents’ groups, environmental education, and environmental awareness.

This course is designed primarily for corporate employees responsible for environmental management and ecology-related businesses, pollution prevention, waste processing, and recycling. In the case of local public organizations they will be employees responsible for environmental administration, civic participation, waste processing, and environmental protection. As for students from NPOs and community residents, they will be citizens engaged in recycling, environmental protection, eco-tourism, and environmental education. This course is also for anyone involved in analyzing and researching measures to deal with environmental issues from a pragmatic perspective.

This course presents basic knowledge regarding environmental issues and includes lectures and drills to acquaint studies with real-world efforts by companies and localities. The objective of participation in these is to acquire the skills to enable on-site applications through analysis of actual problems and comprehensive evaluations of the merits and demerits of measures to deal with them.

Subject Categories

Basic and specialized subjects related to environmental management

environmental sociology theory, environmental management theory, small enterprise EMS theory, environmental administrative law, private environmental law, environmental management implementation theory and drills, environmental accounting theory, introduction to environmental planning, research into environmental planning case studies, environmental policy legal affairs and regulations, etc.

Subjects related to regional environments and the natural environment

regional environmental culture research, research into coexistence with the natural environment, regional environmental history research, regional environmental field studies, atmospheric and human environmental theory, basic environmental engineering, environmental resource and energy policy theory, environmental economics theory, regional sustainability policy research, regional environmental planning research, etc.

Individual field subjects

public hygiene research, CSR theory, investor relations theory, the environment and intellectual property rights.

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