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Research Support Programs

Programs have been set up for the purposes of financial support and enhancing students’ research skills.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Program

Under this program, graduate school students serve as assistants in university classrooms. They advise students and carry out supplementary duties related to classes, drills, and lab work. The program provides graduate students opportunities to accumulate experience and prepare for their involvement in education and research. Students employed as TAs are paid for their work.

Research Assistant (RA) Program

This program is for doctoral students. Under this program, graduate school students participate in research and educational training projects that Hosei University undertakes, serving as assistants. Along with fostering graduate student’s ability to do valid research, the program is part of efforts to strengthen the university’s research organizations. Students employed as RAs are paid for their work.

Program to Subsidize Doctoral Thesis Publication

This program is for those who acquired a doctoral degree while enrolled in Hosei University graduate school doctoral programs or who obtained a doctorate by submitting a thesis but never completed a graduate course. Actual expenses up to a maximum of one million yen per person are paid toward having superior doctoral theses published in book form.

Tutor Program

Under this program, students—primarily those enrolled in doctoral courses—instruct and advise graduate students in lower grades. Providing junior students guidance is good practical experience for those who will become professors. This is part of efforts to enhance the educational and research environment for students in lower grades. Students employed as tutors are paid.

Subsidy Program for Proofreading Theses and Other Publications in Foreign Languages

At graduate schools, academic presentations and theses published in Japan and elsewhere sometimes need to be written in English or other languages. Our program partially subsidizes proofreading costs, allowing students writing in other languages to have their work checked by third parties.

Assistance with Overseas Research Activities

Airfare, lodging, and local transportation when traveling overseas to participate in academic or research conferences or doing on-site surveys and data gathering are expensive. A certain amount of such costs is subsidized for applicants after a screening process.

Ubiquitous Computing Environment and Studio HAL

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering (to be opened April 2013), Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, and Graduate School of Engineering and Design loan notebook computers free of charge to all students who request them. Additionally, a wireless network with access nodes installed throughout almost all of the university has been put in place that can be accessed anytime and anywhere on campus. We are working to provide an environment in which the same network and content as on campus can be used off-campus as well, either at home or in other locations away from school.

In addition, the Hosei Active Learning Studio (Studio HAL) has been set up in the Ichigaya Tamachi Building to provide a ubiquitous computing environment for classes. Studio HAL was designed to enable students and teachers to optimize their use of notebook computers and information and communication technology (ICT) tools. This enables studies that not only use ICT tools and mobile terminals, but also multiple screens and wireless LANs for projecting content according to objective, such as brainstorming, group meetings, sharing research data, and studies using highly detailed content.

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