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Three Options for Classes

Hosei University’s graduate schools have grown and expanded in tandem with the times since the first of them were established in 1951.

Hosei University’s graduate schools do not just hold classes during the day, either. The Graduate School of Humanities (majors in English literature, geography, history, Japanese literature, and philosophy), the International Japanese Studies Institute, the Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Graduate School of Sociology, Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies (major in social services), and Graduate School of Engineering and Design (major in engineering and design) also hold daytime and evening courses. Additionally, the graduate schools of Business Administration, Economics, Career Studies, Social Governance, and Regional Policy Design hold evening courses. Having three scheduling options makes it possible to serve the lifestyles and environments of more students. The two-semester system, divided into first and second semesters (a quarterly system is used for some majors and courses), enables concentrations of courses in short periods. The practical training and workshops offered by experts also have a solid reputation in business circles.

Daytime Classes

Courses scheduled during the day are primarily for the purpose of training researchers. These classes are designed for people who can only come to school during the daytime.

Daytime and Evening Classes

The doors are open wide to everyone from people who seek to become researchers to those wishing to enroll in continuing education courses. Courses are scheduled both during the day and in the evening. Students can take and complete courses in time slots that suit their needs.

Evening Classes

Curricula can be completed by studying while working during the day and taking classes two or three weekday nights and Saturdays during the day and evening. The Ichigaya Campus location makes it very convenient for people who have jobs to attend school. The campus can be reached on foot from either Ichigaya or Iidabashi Station.

Three Campuses Suited to Various Kinds of Studies

Hosei University’s graduate schools hold classes on the Ichigaya, Koganei, and Tama campuses. Most classes take the form of small group seminars, with all students receiving thesis-related instruction from teaching advisors suited to their individual research topics. Humanities- and sociology-related classes and Graduate School of Engineering and Design courses are held in the Ichigaya Tamachi Building and Boissonade Tower, a Hosei landmark, among other locations on the Ichigaya Campus. However, some classes of the Graduate School of Sociology and daytime classes of the Graduate School of Economics are also held on the Tama campus. The Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences hold classes on the Koganei Campus and the Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies on the Tama Campus (with some social service major classes held at Ichigaya).

Class Hours


Ichigaya, Koganei, and Tama 1st period 9:30~11:00
2nd period 11:10~12:40
3rd period 13:30~15:00
4th period 15:10~16:40
5th period 16:50~18:20

Evening (Ichigaya)

Ichigaya 6th period 18:30~20:00
7th period 20:10~21:40

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