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International Exchange Programs

Overseas study programs for graduate school students:

Exchange studies are possible at universities abroad that have agreements with Hosei University, or that Hosei University approves upon receiving applications from students and their research institutes. Some students who apply within the prescribed period and pass the screening process for overseas studies will be issued stipends. These stipends are for training researchers, who are provided a maximum of ¥1.5 million following selection. Upon approval from the graduate school faculty council, students can apply up to 10 credits from curricula studied at universities abroad to those needed for course completion at Hosei University.

Overseas study posting program:

Students who have excellent scholastic records, strong foreign-language abilities, and a strong desire to study abroad are posted to partner universities in 14 countries/regions under this program. Students selected for postings abroad receive exemptions from tuition at the universities where they study.

Hosei University Erasmus Mundus (Euro Philosophie) Program

Hosei University graduate schools have officially offered the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus (Euro Philosophie) master’s degree program since the 2009 academic year. Japanese teaching staff work with instructors posted from the EU to provide intensive instruction in European (chiefly French) philosophy to selected European students over four weeks. Classes are in French, but Japanese students and members of the public can participate as independent auditors.

Note: Hosei University Graduate School of Humanities students whose major is philosophy and who participate in this program and are assessed a certain grade level after taking the final exam will receive approval for some of the course credits to be used for those needed to complete their Hosei University graduate school courses.

Dual-degree program with China’s National Pilot Software Engineering Schools

Hosei University’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences offers a dual-degree program with the National Pilot Software Engineering Schools (37 affiliated universities) supervised by China’s Ministry of Education.


The graduate program in global and Asian politics within the Graduate School of Politics of Hosei University is deeply involved in efforts to promote communication among Asia-Pacific region universities and institutions of higher learning, affiliated with an academic research network supervised by the United Nations University’s Institute of Advanced Studies.

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