Overseas study alumni share their experiences


The Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies recently conducted an overseas academic guidance session for students interested in studying abroad. During the session, Overseas Academic Study (OAS) and Hosei Year-Abroad alumni shared their experiences, telling the attendees about classes, housing, and university life. The event, which drew first and second year students, featured presentations on Massey University, NZ; the University of Sussex, UK; the University of Sheffield, UK; the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada; San José State University, USA; and Truman State University, USA.

Changes in the OAS Program now allow students greater flexibility. Whereas before students had to apply in their first year to go overseas in their second year, now they have the option of applying in their second year to go overseas in their third year. GIS scholarships are available to help offset tuition costs. For more information about OAS universities, interested students should visit the GIS Reference Room and pick up a brochure. For more information about Hosei Year-Abroad universities, interested students should visit the Hosei International Center on the 5th floor of the Fujimizaka building.

Prof. Khor, OAS program director

Prof. Khor, OAS Program director, spoke about Massey and Sussex. For additional information on Massey, students should consult Prof. Watanabe; for additional information on Sussex, students should consult Prof. Evans.

Nozumi Ishikawa

Nozomi Ishikawa shared her experiences at Sheffield, describing it as a “perfect fit”. Ishikawa said the classes were demanding, but well-worth the effort. Sheffield is located in a rural setting, not far from London. For more information on Sheffield, students should contact the Hosei International Center.

Haruna Miyazaki

Haruna Miyazaki introduced UPEI. The island, made famous in the novel "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery, is a nature lover’s paradise. Students can live on campus or do home stay. For further information on UPEI, students should consult Prof. Niiya.

Moto Shimizu, Yuki Imoto, and Shinya Kato

SJSU alumni Moto Shimizu, Yuki Imoto, and Shinya Kato spoke about the idyllic weather in San José, their demanding classes, and the lasting friendships they made. All three are intending return visits. For further information on SJSU, interested students should consult Prof. White.

Hazuki Kaneko

Describing Truman as a small town university in “the middle of nowhere”, Hazuki Kaneko said it is ideal for those students wanting to concentrate on their studies. He added that international students are given priority during class registration. Asked if he would do it all again, Kaneko said he would not change a thing. Interested students should contact the Hosei International Center.

Q&A session

During the post-presentation Q&A session, interested students were able to talk with professors and study abroad alumni. To learn more about the different OAS universities stop by the GIS Reference Room.