Recent Developments

Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development
In 2012 GIS was chosen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as part of a new initiative for internationalizing Japanese higher education. The Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development awards major grants to universities and specific departments that show the potential to foster students’ ability to meet the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world; GIS was selected for its small class size, emphasis on student participation, and exclusive use of English. The grant allows expansion of the Department's resources to provide students with both the skills and support system to thrive in a variety of international settings.
Fall Admissions System
GIS is now open to fall admissions. In September 2013 the Department welcomed its first group of students into its fall semester entrance system. Incorporating both spring and fall entrance into the new academic calendar allows for an easy transition for students matriculating from a diversity of educational backgrounds, including overseas students finishing their secondary education, foreign exchange students in the middle of their studies, and students in Japan graduating from international schools. By accommodating international standards, the new calendar also increases study and employment opportunities abroad while continuing to advance the internationalization of higher education and research that is the signature of the GIS program.