Graduate Schools

Business School of Innovation Management

1.Purpose of Establishment

The Hosei Business School of Innovation Management ( HBS/IM ) is a business school that opened in April 2004 as a professional graduate school. It was established for the purpose of nurturing highly innovative business persons, especially - with an understanding of both management and IT, which will be are essential to the knowledge society from here on out, and to realize valuable corporate management, and thus advance society on the basis of knowledge.

2. Three Characteristics

In order to achieve the purpose of its establishment, the following three characteristics form our basis.

(1) one-year / two-year system business school

HBS/IM is a single year daytime business school with two-year system as an annex, corresponding to business speed in the information-rich and globalized regime.
The high expenses are expenses for opportunities, and a single year system that aims at increasing the employability of members of society is the most desired thing.

(2) Nurturing business innovators

In these knowledge-base society, personal innovation ia strongly required for each business person. The aim of HBS/IM is to nurture highly innovative business persons, Especially human resources with an understanding of both management and information technology are now important. In HBS/IM, teachers of business economics, information technology and actual businesspersons nurture the "entrepreneur who can understand both business and IT strategies".

(3) Training business practices - with "project-method"s

In the real business scene, abilities to build innovative concepts to resolve business problems and start new business are required. Through Project-based learning in the "Project," which corresponds to the master's thesis, we foster innovative business ability of imagination.

3. Curriculum

The curriculum is arranged around "projecs" and composed of basic subjects made up of basic business management subjects, and professional subjects in which sophistication to open up "project" of each student can be gained. As for the project results, in a competition preceding graduation, a business plan contest that includes advisory guest professors is held, and scholarships are given to persons with outstanding results, and going on to incubator facilities after graduation is possible.
Projects are categorized as following programs, for each of which desirable subjects are designated as a curriculum model.

  • General Management
  • Business IT Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management Innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Risk Management and IT Governance
  • MBA Special Program for Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants