Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Accountancy

While concern about accounting auditing has been raised worldwide, in Japan as well the Certified Public Accountants Law has been revised, and from fiscal year 2006 a new certified public accountant system is to be implemented.
The purpose of this revision of the system is not only to broadly increase the number of people passing the certified public accountant’s exam, but also to improve the quality of certified public accountants in response to internationalization of the certified public accountant’s duties in conformance with the “professional accountant education international standards” of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).
Hosei Business School of Innovation Management opened its Graduate School of Accountancy in response to such needs of society in April 2005.

Mastering of Clinical Studies

In this Business School, we believe accounting professionals are professionals who operate based on knowledge of accounting. Represented by certified public accountants, who are in charge of auditing, they can be called professionals who can act in various fields based on accounting knowledge--such as experts who activate their knowledge of financial affairs and accounting in corporations and various organizations.
Accounting professionals need “clinical studies.” People sometimes have the misconception that if they learn bookkeeping and accounting rules, they can be accounting experts. However, out in the accounting field, not only practical experience and knowledge, but also theoretical knowledge and logical ability to think are required.
That is the same kind of grounding required for clinicians out in the field of medical treatment. For accounting professionals, mastery of “clinical studies,” which integrate practice and theory in the field of accounting and management, is necessary. Our curriculum and lecture contents have been realized in consideration of this point.

Nurturing Accounting Professionals Knowledgeable about Management and IT

For accounting professionals, knowledge with regard to information technology (IT) is necessary, since accounting uses computerized information systems. Additionally, for providing management services, knowledge with regard to management and control is also necessary.
In the Business School of Innovation Management, where this Graduate School of Accountancy has been established, an innovation management major is offered. This major targets collaboration between corporate management and IT, and subjects with regard to management and IT are furnished. Additionally, there is night-time graduate school for businessmen, with an abundance of lectures with regard to management. The curriculum has been arranged so that students who major in accounting in this Business School can also take those lectures.