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Graduate School of Intercultural Communication

Program Outline

Through the dramatic development of means of transportation and communication, mankind has come to view the world as a single global community, and the time is ripe to coordinate properly on a global scale the various issues faced by mankind, such as international disputes, poverty, starvation, and environmental pollution and to resolve these.

However, on the other hand, ethnic problems that had remained hidden in the shadow of ideological confrontation in the past have come to light in many areas and it can be said that never has realization of understanding among different cultures and exchange been more necessary than at present. We strongly believe our mission is to respond to such social needs.

A number of instructors who are specialists in allied fields in the humanities and social sciences perform research and educational activities in cooperation towards multidimensional and integral research on intercultural communication tasks, and for fostering individuals. The class size for each year is 12, and, from matriculation into the school until completion, a number of full-time instructors consistently provide thesis and research instruction on the subjects required upon matriculation, (international cultural research), the master’s thesis interim presentation in joint presentation format, and final questioning on the master’s thesis in open format.

Master’s Course, Doctor’s Course

  • Major in Intercultural Communication