Department of Applied Informatics

Program Outline

In Japan as well, the structure of industry is being transferred from the manufacturing business to the software services business, and the information-related application field has been rapidly expanding. However, there is a dramatic shortage in the number of information engineers who can carry this information industry. To foster engineers capable of handling such a diversified information environment, an educational curriculum emphasizing information-related education in an aspect of application is needed. In the Department of Applied Informatics, which is to be newly established, the educational subjects of the existing information fields are set as a base and subjects with a focus on engineering viewpoints or application program aspects are enhanced. By doing this, we organized a curriculum that focuses on application aspects of information. In this Department, for the purpose of fostering engineers who can build information environments that are useful and secure for users, the following five courses have been set up, where we give practical education and foster personnel to be key persons in Japan’s information industry.

  • Human Environmental Information Course
  • Social Information Course
  • Information Network Course
  • Biological Information Course
  • Ubiquitous Information Course

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Science and Engineering (Applied Informatics)