Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Program Outline

Technological managers analyze the problems of today’s complex social system from mathematical and engineering viewpoints, structure it as a management system, and then perform economic efficiency administration related to the operation of the system. These so-called techno-managers are the personnel who are expected to play active roles in the 21st century.

An attempt to foster these techno-managers has been initiated in recent years in corporate education or in MBA education, etc., and the need for this has also been growing in university undergraduate education.

Based on the above social needs, in the Department of Industrial and System Engineering, four courses have been set up: 1) corporate systems, 2) production systems, 3) social systems, and 4) mathematical systems. Through education on innovative engineering technologies that are currently in development, i.e., financial technologies, project management technologies, and socio-econometric technologies, we foster engineers and researchers equipped with practical skills so that Japanese companies will be able to compete internationally as a global industry.

  • Corporate Systems Course
  • Production Systems Course
  • Social Systems Course
  • Mathematical Systems Course

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Science and Engineering(Industrial and Systems Engineering)