Department of English

Wide Variety of Fields to Meet Students' Needs

The Department covers a wide variety of fields related to English, such as British and American literature and linguistics, and students can choose courses that are aligned with their interests and future goals. British and American literature courses examine not only literary works, but also integrate cultural studies to deepen understanding of how culture and society influence literature. Additionally, in the field of linguistics, through the analysis of human language, scientific thinking is fostered. The Department offers introductory-level courses for first-year students, which include Introduction to Linguistics, British and American Literature, English Phonetics, and Drama. From the second- year, students can select from a variety of electives to tailor their studies to meet their individual needs.

Wide Ranging Lecture Subjects in Various Fields

The Department offers lectures in a wide range of subjects in individual fields. For example, in the field of English and American Literature, not only do classes deal with normal English and American literary works, but English drama (students themselves perform) is also included. Moreover, as with the inclusion of German literature in Comparative Literature, literature other than English or American can be studied. On the other hand, if students desire to analyze English as a language, there are courses in the History of English, Social Linguistics and English Phonetics. In the field of linguistics, students study linguistic knowledge of human beings from the natural scientific approach, and it is possible to take courses in cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Moreover, there are subjects such as Comparative Culture. It is possible for students to take a variety subjects in accordance with individual interests or concerns.

Writing and Speaking Classes to Enhance Practical English Ability

One distinctive feature of the Department of English is its English Writing and Speaking courses. These courses are primarily taught by native speakers, and students practice using English for communicative purposes. In addition to writing and speaking courses, the Department also offers courses in translation and media studies through which students engage with language as it is used in a variety of fields outside of the classroom.


For second-, third-, and fourth-year students, the Department offers seminars that focus on advanced topics in literature, linguistics, and foreign language education. The seminars enable students to deepen their knowledge of issues in their academic areas of interest, and to hone their research skills as they design and carry out research projects. Fourth-year students present their research findings in the form of a graduation thesis.