Department of Business Administration

Three Department System Corresponding to Changes in Economic Society and Corporate Management, and Specialization and Diversification of Interdisciplinary Fields

The Faculty of Business Administration of Hosei University was established in 1959, one of the first business administration faculties established at a Japanese university. Based on its history and traditions, in April 2003, in order for business administration to respond to changes in economic society and corporate management, specialization and diversification of interdisciplinary fields, the Faculty moved to a three-department system. There were three points in that shift:

  1. major improvements and rehabilitation of curriculum with reinforcement of new fields such as business administration strategy, business creation, global business administration, service management, information technology (IT)
  2. major increase in number of seminars for further enhancement of education in small groups
  3. enhancement of various programs such as study abroad programs (SA) accounting certification, career management, and internship for improvement of English ability, qualifications acquisition and career plan creation, thus realizing even more attractive offerings for the Faculty of Business Administration.

Department of Business Administration: Aiming at Fostering General Managers and Business Management Professionals

The Department of Business Administration aims at fostering individuals who learn basic fields of business management such as organization, personnel affairs, and accounting, and in the future who become managers on the front lines of sales or office departments, and then are promoted to be general managers who are equipped with organization operational skills, or persons who are active as professionals in specific areas such as accounting, personnel affairs, general administration or sales. In this era, when the corporate management landscape has been vastly altered, where there are new, important tasks to be addressed by corporate management, such as corporate governance, group management, result-oriented personnel affairs, and the accounting Big Bang, we are fostering individuals who can be central players.