Voice : HOANG, Thanh Van

HOANG, Thanh Van
Faculty of Business Administration

Why did you decide to study in Japan?

I majored in Japanese in high school. While I was in high school, I always wanted to study in Japan since I studied Japanese and Japanese culture for three years.
Because I was granted a scholarship, I came to Japan in 2011.

Why did you choose Hosei University?

I had a hard time selecting a university. At the time, the manager of the store where I was working part-time recommended Hosei University. The store manager graduated in Faculty of Economics from Hosei University and told me many things about the university. He is really a nice person who works hard, and every person including store staff and regular customers respects him. I wanted to become a person like the store manager in the future and took an entrance examination of
Hosei University.

What are good things you experienced after entering Hosei University?

I studied Japanese at a Japanese language school for a year and a half before I enrolled at Hosei University. Since there were only foreigners at school, we communicated with one another in languages other than Japanese, and I did not feel that I was in Japan. Therefore, I had many concerns before entering Hosei University, such as whether I could keep up in class taught in Japanese and whether I could find friends since I knew that I was the only one from my country on campus. However, I soon made friends, and the seniors in the circle were nice to me. They helped me with course registration and lent me their notebooks when I did not fully understand the lectures. With lots of support from the people around me, I was able to become accustomed to campus life. This is the best part about entering Hosei University.