Study Abroad Accreditation System

A study abroad accreditation system which allows credits earned during study abroad to be counted as credits toward graduation at Hosei University.

When 2nd year or above Hosei University students study abroad at their own expense at an overseas university (regular curriculum) which fulfills specified requirements, a maximum of 30-60 credits earned at the overseas university may be counted as credits required for graduation at Hosei University based on the deliberation of a faculty council. Students wishing to apply for the study abroad accreditation system must apply by the specified date. Accredited study abroad students may, in addition to receiving an accredited study abroad scholarship from the university's support association, receive a scholarship from the university itself in an amount equivalent to half the Hosei University tuition if they apply for and are accepted for theā€œOpen University, Hosei 21 (Hirakareta Hosei 21) (Accredited Study Abroad Student Scholarship)".