Number of Academic Staff

Accurate as of May 1, 2017

Number of Academic Staff
Number of Academic Staff (Excluding Part-time Lecturers) 751
Professors 603
Associate Professors 106
Research Associates 28
Full-time Lecturers 12
Others 2
(Breakdown by Department)  
Graduate Schools 50
Faculty of Law 63
Faculty of Letters 74
Faculty of Economics 72
Faculty of Social Sciences 63
Faculty of Business Administration 61
Faculty of Intercultural Communications 46
Faculty of Sustainability Studies 33
Faculty of Social Policy and Administration 30
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences 24
Faculty of Life-long Learning and Career Studies 28
Faculty of Engineering and Design 35
Faculty of Science and Engineering 76
Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry 35
GIS(Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies) 15
Faculty of Sports and Health Studies 18
Research Institutes/Others 28

*Includes Special International Instructors