Tama Campus

In a verdant environment extending over 80 hectares between Hachioji and Machida, Hosei University's newest campus boasts its most modern educational and athletic facilities.

Within reach of central Tokyo, the campus is laid out in the natural beauty of the surrounding Tama hills, providing and ideal atmosphere for study, sports, or contemplation. Here, students can pursue studies tailored to their individual needs.

4342 Aihara-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0298
TEL 042-783-2041

Keio Line

  • 40 minutes by semi-special express from Shinjuku station (50 minutes on the express) to Mejirodai Station then 10 minutes by bus

JR Line

  • Chuo Line: 54 minutes by rapid express from Shinjuku station (42 minutes on special express), get off at Nishi Hachioji station then 22 minutes by bus
  • Yokohama Line: 38 minutes from Shin Yokohama station, get off at Aihara station then 13 minutes by bus

* Take each of the above buses to the "Hosei University (Hosei Daigaku) " bus stop