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Ichigaya Campus

Ichigaya Campus
  1. 55' Building (Cafeteria [B1], Shopping [B1], School of Correspondence Education [1F])
  2. 58' Building (Cafeteria [B1], Academic Affairs Department [1F], Global Education Center [2F])
  3. Professor Room
  4. 80' Building (Library [B4-2F])
  5. Sotobori Building (Student Center [1F], Career Center [2F])
  6. Boissonade Tower (Cafeteria [B1], Admissions Center [2F], Health Clinic [2F])
  7. Security Office
  8. Fujimizaka Building (Research and Development Center [2F], Center for Regional Research [3F])
  9. Ichigaya All-purpose Gymnasium
  10. Ichigaya Tamachi Building (Faculty of Engineering and Design, Graduate School of Engineering and Design, Office)
  11. Research Center for Solidarity-based Society(Yaesu Ichigaya Building 5F), Institute for Solidarity-based Society(5・7F)
  12. Shin Mitsuke Building
  13. Graduate School Building
  14. Graduate School of Law Building
  15. Shin Hitokuchizaka Building
  16. Liaison of Law School’s Law Office (Hitokuchizaka TS Building 2F), Study Room for Students Specialized in Legal Studies (3F), Lecture Rooms 1&2 (4F)
  17. Hitokuchizaka Building
  18. Kudan Building (Environment Center 3F) / Kudan Building Annex
  19. Graduate School of Engineering and Design (Ichigaya Daigou Building 6-8F)