Carnegie Council Workshop
“Global Ethics: Nuclear Energy, Technology, and Risk”(June 12)

May 29, 2015

The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, like Chernobyl before it, throws into sharp relief the ethical issues that surround the management of technological risk. How do societies make public choices about technologies that present them with low probability catastrophic risk? How do they fairly address contested views within society on that risk? How is the public educated about risk and involved in the political process toward an equitable outcome? What are the obligations of scientists and technologists with respect of such risks?

In this workshop, academics and researchers from Hosei University and Carnegie Council will exchange opinions in an informal manner, on the theme of ‘Technology and Risk’, from the perspective of global ethics, as well as the Japanese historical and social context.

Date Friday 12 June 2015 (9:30~11:00)
Venue Meeting Room B, 25F Boissonade Tower, Ichigaya Campus, Hosei University
Supported by Institute for Sustainability Research, Hosei University
Language English (No simultaneous interpretation provided)
Participants Michael Ignatieff (Professor, Harvard University)
Devin Stuart (Senior Program Director, Carnegie Council)
Deen Chatterjee (Senior Adviser, University of Utah)
Malka Older (Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council)
Masami Jufuku (Vice-Director, the Institute for Sustainability Research/ Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University)
Saburo Horikawa (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University)
Jiro Yamaguchi (Professor, Faculty of Law, Hosei University)
Akiko Okamatsu (Professor, Faculty of Humanity and Environment, Hosei University)
Welcoming Remark Masato Masuda (Director, the Institute for Sustainability Research/ Executive Trustee, Vice President, Hosei University)
MC Madoka Futamura (Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University)
Apply <To Hosei University Students and Faculty Members>
If you are interested in auditing the workshop (up to 20 seats available), please contact Madoka Futamura by Tuesday 9 June.

This workshop is held as a part of ‘Global Ethical Dialogues’, the Carnegie Council's Centennial program, chaired by Professor Michael Ignatieff. The program engages societies across the world in the quest for a global ethic, through the themes of ‘War and Reconciliation’, ‘Corruption and Trust’, ‘Democracy and its Challengers’, ‘Citizenship and Difference’, ‘Environment and Growth’ and ‘Technology and Risk’. In Japan, the program focuses on ‘Technology and Risk’ and organizes fieldwork in Fukushima, as well as workshops and discussions at Hosei University, ICU and Waseda University.


Madoka Futamura, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University