MEXT selects Hosei University for the 2014 Top Global University Project (Type B: Leading Global)

October 21, 2014

Hosei University has applied for and been selected for the 2014 Top Global University Project (Type B: Leading Global) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Twenty-four universities were selected for the project (Type B: Leading Global) out of 93 total applications from national, other public and private universities . An open application was held for this project to help support the development of educational environments at universities dedicated to implementing university reform and internationalization in order to enhance their standing in the international educational setting and bolster their international competitiveness.

The framework of Hosei University is “to create a global university in Japan, a leading country in problem-solving, that develops initiatives for a sustainable society.” Diverse researches that are being conducted on a global scale will be brought together at Hosei University to find ways to create a sustainable society, not only in terms of our natural environment, but also to promote a stable economic society through higher education, and for the sustainability of our culture with its long history and diverse developments. We will establish and promote a sustainable education with unique features that are distinct to Japan, and aim to become a university that leads the globalization of Japanese society.

Objectives of this framework

Objective 1 Nurturing front-runners who are able to survive anywhere in the world (develop a mentality that will remain undaunted by the world)
Objective 2 Gathering human resources who will develop a sustainable society, and strengthening efforts to promote a global society (develop education and research sites)
Objective 3 Support secondary education toward building a foundation for a sustainable global society (lead globalization efforts in secondary education)
Objective 4 Provide re-education to members of society who will help develop a sustainable global society (support sites that will be responsible for the globalization efforts)
Objective 5 Develop a system that can respond swiftly to changes in the global society (governance reform)

Previously, Hosei University was selected for the 2012 Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development (Type B: Faculty/school-specific), and has been nurturing the development of independent and resourceful global leaders who are able to be successful in the international field.

By this selection to the Top Global University Project, the entire university will come together as one under the leadership of the President to further enhance the efforts that we have been conducting until now, and to promote globalization toward achieving our goal.