Student Circles – Helping to Deepen Understanding

August 20, 2013

A wide variety of student groups have been cooperating with extracurricular education programs held by the Hosei University Student Center. These groups’ purpose is to help the student participants understand the contents of the programs. This is a form of what we call “Peer Support” from student circles.

For example, the Hosei University Kabuki Study Group and Noh Study Group each held a preliminary study meeting for prospective participants, in the Kabuki Appreciation Class held at the National Theatre of Japan (on June 16) and the Noh Appreciation Class at the National Noh Theatre (on June 25). Student lecturers explained about kabuki and noh, including such basic information as their histories and properties, as well as the points of the programs of the day, with demonstration performances.

The Hosei University Tea Ceremony Study Group also led the Tea Ceremony Experience Program held in a Japanese-style room of the Sotobori Building (on July 10). Participants learned the manners and series of behaviors in the tea ceremony and appreciated the difference in taste between tea they made and that made by the study group.

These three programs quickly reached their maximum capacities (of 30, 20 and 20 persons, respectively). A significant number of international students also took part in the events. After the curricula, we received much feedback from the participants. Comments included “The preliminary study meeting made a big difference in my understanding of the program,” “Although they are students like me, their explanation was cool and easy to understand,” and “Their passion for circle activities got to me and I enjoyed the class very much.” Comments like these show the effectiveness of support from student groups.

As shown above, many student groups registered with Hosei Unjaiversity are trying to support other people and contribute to society as part of their routine circle activities by providing what they have learned in various workshops.