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Costumes for King Lear (2002)

For this play we had to show the drastic changes in the fortunes of the old King Lear. He begins with a gorgeous crown and robe, but wanders the heath during the storm scene wearing rags. Later (Act 4 Scene 6), Shakespeare has Lear enter crowned with wild flowers. For this production we also had some wonderful armor made for the battle scenes.


King's six-pointed crown

King Lear

Purple brocade cape for royalty

King Lear

Scepter with sapphire

King Lear

Lear's crown of straw, nettles and weeds

King Lear "on the Heath"

Ragged costume with scarf

King Lear "on the Heath"

Rough staff (artificial)

King Lear "on the Heath"

Hat with flowers

King Lear "in flowers"

Aristocrat's jacket with flowers

King Lear "in flowers"

Roman style sash for aristocrat


Stocks for punishing petty criminals

Gloucester's stocks

Man's white blouse

King of France

Blue cape for aristocrat

King of France

Silver armor (large)

King of France

Court fool's piebald outfit with matching jester's cap

The Fool

Silver armor (small)


Black armor (medium)


Blue and red vest with heraldry pattern

Duke of Albany

Brown vest

Duke of Cornwall

Dark mask


Rapiers and belts

Swords (Edmund, Edgar, Cordelia, King of France)


Lear: Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanes, spout
Till you have drenched our steeples, drowned the cocks! (3.2.1-2)

Gloucester: As flies to wanton boys, are we to th'Gods
They kill us for their sport. (4.1.36-37)

Lear: Thorough tattered clothes small vices do appear;
Robes and furred gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold,
And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks;
Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw does pierce it. (4.6.162-65)

Edgar: Men must endure
Their going hence even as their coming hither.
Ripeness is all. (5.2.9-11)

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