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Costumes for Shakespeare

Because of its antiquated language, Shakespeare's writing can be difficult even for native speakers of English to understand. The aim of the "Shakespeare Reading Course" is to enable students to study Shakespeare not by sitting at desks, but by acting out key scenes from the plays and come to appreciate the depth of the characters, the dramatic intensity of the plot, and the beauty of the words. Four times a year students put on a simple performance on the stage in Sky Hall (Boissonade Tower 26F). Since these are small-scale performances without expensive scenery, and also because more than one student might play any given role, it seemed advantageous at first to use simple hats or costumes that would enable the audience to keep track of who was who. However, by putting on a costume or even just the crown or hat of the character they are portraying, students become somehow inspired and give surprisingly impressive performances, particularly for amateurs. The importance of costumes became clear, and a budget was created for having costumes and props especially made for this course by a professional costumer, Torii Teruko. This web site introduces the costumes that were acquired year by year, and shows how they were used for each production.   -- Jon Brokering

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